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Top 5 Trends in Kitchen Design for 2024 in Bellingham

Published On May 28, 2024

a beautiful kitchen with a granite counter top
a beautiful kitchen with a granite counter top

Are you thinking about making your kitchen look cool and new? In Bellingham, people are getting their kitchens ready for 2024 with some awesome new styles. Let’s look at the top 5 trends that are making kitchens beautiful and fun!

1. Eco-Friendly Kitchens

More people in Bellingham might care about our planet and environment than the next town. We want kitchens that look good but are also good for the planet. We are using things like bamboo floors and countertops made from recycled materials.

These are strong and help keep our planet clean. You can find these materials at local stores in Bellingham.


2. Smart Kitchens

Imagine telling your oven to start while you’re still playing outside. That’s what smart kitchens can do! They have fridges, stoves, and lights that you can talk to.

This makes cooking easier and saves energy. Some stores in Bellingham can show you how to make your kitchen smart.

Smart Kitchens

3. Bold Colors

Gone are the days of boring white kitchens. Now, we’re seeing bright blues, deep greens, and even reds! You can paint your walls or cabinets in these colors to make your kitchen pop.

Our Bellingham kitchen remodeling team can always help you pick the perfect colors whether they be bold or subtle!


4. Multipurpose Islands

Kitchen islands are getting bigger and better. They have sinks, places to sit, and lots of room to cook. Great for doing homework, eating breakfast, or hosting a party.

You can see some cool island designs at Bellingham showrooms.


5. Open Shelving

People like shelves where you can see everything. It makes kitchens feel bigger and lets you show off nice dishes or jars. Plus, it’s easy to grab what you need. You can get help from Bellingham craftsmen to build custom shelves that fit your kitchen perfectly.


Wrapping Up These are the hot kitchen trends for 2024 in Bellingham. Whether you want a kitchen that helps the planet, uses cool tech, or just looks fresh and modern, there’s something for you. Want to see these trends yourself? Visit a local showroom or talk to a kitchen designer in town. They can help you make your dream kitchen come true!

Come Visit Us! If you’re ready to change your kitchen, come talk to us! We can show you the latest trends and help you choose the best for your home. Let’s make your kitchen beautiful together!

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